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What Are Extractor Fans?

02/12/2014 Back To Blog

Ideal location of a centrifugal fan is on the ceiling

Due to their functions, some rooms in a home such as bathrooms and kitchens may accumulate undesirable elements such as odor, smoke or excess moisture. Therefore, it is a good idea to install an extractor fan, which is essentially an electric fan that cleans air, in such rooms. The two types of extractor fans are Axial and Centrifugal. The former is suitable for circulation air over short distances and technicians mainly mount it into a window or on an exterior wall of a building using a short piece of duct.  With a wheel attached to a shaft, the latter fan is capable of generating great pressure that enables it to circulate air over greater distances. The ideal location of a centrifugal fan is on the ceiling.Air Duct Replacement 24/7 Services


Most people fit extractor fans in their kitchens to eliminate odors and smoke and excess moisture produced by the cooking process and ultimately keep kitchen temperatures cool. In terms of mechanics, the blower of the extractor fan pulls hot air released during cooking processes to the heat pipe. This ensures that the hot air condenses within the pipe and releases cool (but moisture free) air into the kitchen.


Extractor fan models differ in size, voltage and in their ability to regulate temperature or control humidity changes. Homeowners who need to improve air circulation in larger rooms with excessive moisture and smoke should consider getting larger extractor fans that facilitate a greater volume of airflow. However, larger fans are also quite noisy and are not suitable for areas such as bathrooms.  Instead, homeowners should use small, low-voltage extractor fans in bathrooms. Such fans are quieter and are safe to use near water.


All in all, the efficiency of extractor fans largely depends on correct placement. When installing extractor fans, it is important to place them near an air source such as a door, window, or on a vent located on the exterior wall of the home. This ensures maximum air circulation. In kitchens, one should place these fans above the stove or above heat sources in order to draw steam upward instead of blowing hot steam all over the room.

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