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Dirty air duct system

Dirty air duct system can bring airborne diseases to your family. Learn effective cleaning tips for safer indoor environment.

Check the HVAC system often

The inspection of the system and air duct cleaning must take place often according to Air Duct Cleaning Whittier. As an overall, you must check the system every six months but air filter cleaning is important to take place more often. The efficiency of the unit would depend on condenser unit cleaning and the condition of air ducts, too. Don't forget to clean them as well.

Avoid plastic exhaust duct

This is very important. Do not use a white plastic exhaust duct on your dryer vent. First reason is that this stuff is highly flammable. At the same time, it also tremendously increases the time used for drying. Thus, it does not only pose as a security threat, but it also impacts the performance of your system.

Invest in insulated new air ducts

If you are planning air duct replacement, invest in insulated materials because they will make a tremendous difference to the overall temperatures of the house according to Air Duct Repair Whittier. Duct panels won't be affected by external temperatures and pipes installed nearby and so they will allow better and more efficient performance by the HVAC system.

Groom the pets outside

No matter how much we love or pets, it would still be best for us if we have them groomed at the pet store or at least outside the house. According to our experts, animal fur is among the highest airborne debris found in the air ducts. Don’t let your pets contribute to the air duct buildup by brushing them and trimming their fur outdoors.

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