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Indoor Air Quality

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Best Indoor Air Quality in Whittier

Whittier is a Californian city that is located at a distance of 12 miles from Los Angeles. It has about 28,000 households with the population of approximately 85,000 according to the last census statistics. President Richard M. Nixon's First Law Office, Historic Whittier Transit Depot, and the Whittier Historical Society Museum are the most famous attractions in the city. Due to the good economic condition of several of the residents, a majority of them prefer purchasing appliances like dryers, refrigerators, and LCDs, among other appliances.Indoor Air Quality


Indoor Air Quality Maintenance

Our company is a rapidly progressing company that provides several significant maintenance services to their city fellows. These services are:

  • Drying Vent Replacement,
  • Dryer Vent Air and Kitchen Exhaust Hood cleaning
  • Ventilating Cleaning,
  • Dryer Duct Repair and,
  • Dryer Vent Air System Cleaning


Vent Cleaning Services for Best Indoor Air Quality

Our company has professionally trained workforce and modern tools, to provide services of vent cleaning to the citizens of their beautiful town. Improper vent cleaning of dryers results in narrowing of vents due to piles of mold, dust, and dead vermin deposits. Sometimes such situation causes vent leakage from its joints, which will dump harmful and moist air inside one’s residence. Wallpapers, carpets and curtains get wet and soggy, which will not only affect the beauty but also the health of dwellers. Cleaning a dryers lint screen after every drying round does not mean that you are properly maintaining your hot dryers. This is a false impression that needs to be changed immediately.


Cleaning Services and Maintenance for Indoor Air Quality in Whittier

Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) USA statistic depicts that every year more than 15,000 fire incidents caused by improper dryer vent cleaning occur at the national level, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars; and, causes deaths and other injuries, making it an issue that needs immediate attention. Cleaning the dryer vent is very essential as it avoids occurrence of different dangerous events like fire, efficiency reduction of one’s dryer, and other such risks. It is also very vital to learn before anything else, how exactly a dryer’s ventilator works. When we switch on the dryer, it produces hot air that is emitted into the main drying chamber, and along with furious spinning, clothes are dried. Hot and moistened air along with different gaseous molecules runs through dryer’s vent pipes. Vent lint can easily catch fire, and a house can quickly become piles of ashes. As such cleaning dryer vents should be a top priority.


Our company not only performs cleaning services for their clients, but also tries to teach their customers the advantages of doing it regularly. No one wants to go through the pain and loss associated with a fire or other problems that a dirty dryer vent can cause; therefore, it is your duty to ensure that yours is always clean. Call Dryer Vent Cleaning Whittier today to get your consultation, before it is too late.

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