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Do you want your questions about air ducts answered? Check out the amazing answers here. Get green! Learn how to favor the environment while cleaning the ducts and the most common problems with HVAC units.

How to do eco-friendly air duct cleaning?

Eco-friendly air duct cleaning is mostly about the cleaning supplies or chemicals used. The EPA and almost every other expert at Air Duct Cleaning Whittier warn about the use of harsh chemicals on air ducts. These chemicals can harm the environment as well as the people who will be exposed to them and their residues. Most regular duct cleaning tasks don't need cleaning chemicals. Vacuuming dust and dirt and the replacement of the filters are usually enough.

What are examples of environmentally friendly duct cleaning products?

If you really have to use cleaning agents, it will be safe to use laundry detergents and all-purpose cleaning solutions that bear "eco-friendly" seals or something similar. Steel-friendly window cleaners as well as dishwashing liquids can also be used on ducts. As much as possible, bleach and other harsh chemicals should be avoided. Their odor or fumes can linger within the ducts and worsen indoor air quality. They can also cause corrosion in metal ducts.

Why doesn't the thermostat of the HVAC unit work?

If you have checked the thermostat and the unit and there is nothing wrong with them, you should blame the air ducts. Damaged ducts would let air escape to different directions and the unit would not have efficient air to produce the expected temperatures according to Air Duct Cleaning Whittier. Air duct repair will solve the problem since air duct seal repair will close the holes and allow the proper transference of air.

How long will overall cleanups last?

Our experts estimate an overall cleanup to last at least a couple of years. This is considering that the air duct cleaning was thorough and all components were serviced. In better situations, cleanups can last anywhere between 3 to 5 years, depending on many factors and conditions.

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